2 Pictures That Will Drive You Crazy! Human Like Baby Found In Jodhpur

alien baby, jodhpurOur world is full of extraordinary events. A wonder if science can possibly explain, as peculiar as this. However, the news is extremely surprising yet bizarre.  A family in Jodhpur while digging their piece of land for tubewell, found this disturbing little man, under few feets of ground alive.

The family and the people around had no idea that they will have to see this, even in their wildest of dreams. According to eye witnesses this human like creature looks a bit to see like aliens shown on youtube or television channels.

A startled but adventuresome looking man who wanted to mark this date, got hold of this little man’s both hands and captured the moment, which went viral on social media.

Recently, the news of a woman giving birth to frog like baby went viral on social media. The lady in Charkot area of Nepal got frog sperms in her ovary accidentally, due to which she gave birth to a baby that looked like frog . This is the picture which went viral.

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