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6 Awful Study Habits You Should Change Immediately

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6 Awful Study Habits You Should Change Immediately

We have got used to think that awful habits are about consuming alcohol and smoking only. However, there are more habits that ruin our lives and affect our academic results. These habits are really dangerous by one reason: as a rule, we just do not notice them, therefore, we cannot fight them.

As a responsible student, you probably want to find some ideas on how to increase your personal productivity and how to deal with studying assignments more effectively. In fact, to reach that, you just need to reveal 6 awful study habits and get rid of them. Very soon you will notice that your life is changing as well as your academic grades become better.

These habits are common to all the students, and most of them do not pay attention to their effect. However, if you start to analyze what exactly prevents you from studying perfectly, you will notice that these habits are among these distractions.

1) You study at home
Many students prefer to study at home as they think that this atmosphere helps them to stay more productive and perform their tasks better. However, home atmosphere is not what you need to study better. When you just sit at home, you get distracted by everything, starting from your family and up to drinking coffee. There are too many distractions at home, and you cannot eliminate all of them.

To fix this problem and get rid of this habit, it will be nice to start studying, for example, at the library. As a rule, this is a quiet place that has everything for sufficient work: a good internet connection, lots of books and different resources, and none distractors. Here, you will be more focused on your tasks and will definitely increase your performance.

2) Taking too much notes
There are two tendencies among the students. Some of them take almost no notes, while others try to note everything they hear or read. However, both these approaches won’t bring the desired results.

When taking notes, you need to define the most important information and analyze how to use it in your studying. If you take too many notes, you cannot concentrate on the main ideas. Moreover, trying to note everything you may just miss some important information.
In order to make notes effectively, you should always read or listen to the information attentively, then to make your own conclusions and write them down in thesis. Later on, when you check these notes, you will easily understand why this information is important to you.

3) Listening to music
Some insists that listening to music while studying increases cognitive abilities. In fact, music is one of the biggest distractors. Although classic music activates the attention and helps to get focused, it does not mean that you need to listen to it while studying. You’d better do that prior to that or before you go to bed.

When you turn on your favorite songs, you unwillingly start to listen to them, even if you think that they will just create a proper atmosphere and help you to settle proper background. Therefore, your attention disturbs and this leads to mistakes in your writing and inability to remember information.

4) Ignoring preparation
Most of the students believe that they do need no preparation for any task they get. They start to write essays without even determining the main ideas to include, they work on their physic or mathematic assignments without reading the theory, and even work on the experiments with no knowledge of previous researches.

Preparation is a must for everyone who does not want to order cheap essay writing service but wants to work on his own and get the best grades. Besides, if you devote enough time for preparation, it will be easier for you to deal with the task that you have.

5) Using social media to have some rest
It is a well-known fact that to stay productive enough you need to have some rest. However, it does not mean that you need to start checking your social media feeds.

The first problem about that is you just cannot control time that you spend for answering all your friends and reading all information that seems to be interesting enough for you.

Secondly, you do not really have rest when you are looking at the display of your smartphone or laptop. It will be nice to have 10 minutes walk or just lying down for some time.

6) You study at night
The main problem of the bigger part of the students is lack of night sleep. Most of students prefer to use night hours to study not to have rest. However, even though you may feel rather good, it does not mean that your organism works in a good way as well. The matter is that our bodies follow certain algorithms, and many of them are connected with night sleep (for example, some hormones are secreted only when we have a night rest).

Besides, when you study at night and wake up early, you meet the problem of lack of sleep. You feel tired, you cannot cope with all assignments, your memory becomes worse. It will be better to define the time of the day that is perfect for you. Perhaps, you will notice that morning hours are more productive for you, or maybe you will understand that it’s better to go to the library right after classes.

You definitely noticed that at least some of the habits are common to you. And now you know how they affect your productivity and how you can deal with them. Of course, there are many other habits that influence the results of your education: for example, how you eat, how regularly you take sports activities, and even how frequently you read fiction.

We hope that you will be able to fix these problems and eventually, you will increase the quality of your education.

courtesy – Jake Lester

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