6 Tips To Keep Kids Busy And Make Creative

Too much study frustrate the kid. Children love to play. Why don’t channelize study along with play?
First things First – LET KIDS BE KIDS – Many parents think it’s difficult to handle kids. With so much energy in them, kids tend to run here and there, jump, shout and appear difficult to be controlled. Children are naturally energetic. Instead of calming down this energy try to divide and divert this energy to more creative, positive and productive activities. Here are few tips for parents on how to keep kids busy and use their energy properly to their benefit. But, before that please remember.

Elders often forget that their kids are still kids. Children like to explore things around them and in the process may litter the house. They may pull all of your clothes out or scatter neatly arranged books on the floor. When your child is very small instead of shouting or shunting them just take him or her to a park or to an open place and leave them to burn their natural energy as they have ample in them. You can create an exercise environment and a framework for healthy exercise, your kid will naturally participate.

here we go for the tips
1. Engage Them In Educational Cum Fun Animated Videos:
There are pretty good videos available on the internet to engage children for a long time. Examples of such videos are Peppa Pig, Pocoyo, caillou, Peep and the big wide world. These cartoon videos will improve your children’s vocabulary besides entertaining them. These cartoons are intelligently planned and created keeping in mind the education and fun necessary for kids. There are instances where children learn to solve puzzles, identify objects and colors etc.

2. Communication And Counting Games:
If I ask you what language you prefer to communicate with your kid what would be your answer?. Your mother tongue of course. How about communicating in language other than your mother tongue? You can start with simple things like saying hello in other languages your know, wishing, asking water or objects etc. Not only will this improve your kid’s knowledge but it will also improve his or her self confidence besides keeping them busy. You can ask simple questions such as how many teeth you have, can you count them for me and tell? You can watch them doing it, ask them to repeat with different objects several times.

Give your kid different roles. For example ask them to imagine if they were a doctor what and how would they treat you? For a while you become a patient and engage them in a conversation. Ask questions like a patient and address your kid as if a real doctor. You will be amazed by the answers of your kid. Change the roles often. Kids will love this you will too.

This is a small adventure game where a bag is carried along with ten different shape objects. Take your kid outdoor near your house and ask kids to collect the objects and put them in bag. List out 10 objects and ask your kid to collect them. For example: Ask your kid to find and collect a big round white stone and preserve it in the bag. Hide the stone in the vicinity of your child, it should not be difficult to find but make sure your kid do not see you hiding else they will not find it fun. The thing is the last 2 objects should be hid indoor. For ex: Ask your kid to collect Eggs as per your list. The kid has to recollect and ask you to take him to home to fridge where your eggs are kept or probably the kitchen shelf. Try with different shapes like Oval, Circle, Rectangle and colors. Reward your kid with chocolate for being the best detective.

Our experiment and experience show that among all the adventurous games Kids like Water Games the most. Divide the water in utensils or glass and add different colors to them so that they become yellow water, blue water, green water etc. Children like to mix the colors and see what new color is obtained when 2 colors are mixed. Alternatively you can use different color balloons with colored water filled in them. Ask kids to hit the balloons on white wall, kids love the splash and bursting. The best way to keep them engaged all day.

Take all the toys (new, old and broken) and show them to kids and ask them their names and colors for ex: the green parrot, the red car etc. Ask kid to memorize before hiding all over the house on the loft, under the sofa, bed in bathroom, kitchen etc. More the number of toys the better. Show the place where you are hiding and eventually ask them to collect and gather the toys on table. This will remarkably improve memory of your child besides fun and frolic.

There are more and never less methods to keep your child engaged besides improving their skills and knowledge. If you love kids and adore them why don’t share the methods you know, with everyone in the comment box below.

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