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6 Ways To Promote WordPress For Fame

So you are ready with your brand new wordpress website. Straight to the point, all you need to do now is totally concentrate on following things.

Color of your website
Easy Navigation
Outstanding Design and above all
Quality Content

Plan your time to hit your brand new wordpress website that pulls traffic daily. Slowly, if you consistently continue writing interesting contents, your site will grow over time.

Out of millions of websites with thousands of blog posts written and published everyday, your job to get noticed becomes difficult. It is natural to get de-motivated,  thinking how to exceed all these sites and pull audience to visit your website regularly?. The job appears to be almost impossible. Not, really..

There might be niche websites and content thops who might be ruling and having all the kind of information, technology and resources to sustain the competition enjoying the stage of success. But it doesn´t mean you will remain invisible, unless you accept defeat, doing nothing.

Luckily, every internet millionaire have gone through the stage where you are right now. So what they did?

They strictly followed the rule – to work consistently planning and writing plenty of things that matter to people, in return helping website´s presence amongst toughest competition.

All said and done, let´s know the best ways to promote a website so that you can start on.

There are plethora of tools to promote your new wordpress website to make it popular. If you want to get noticed, follow these 6 ideas to promote and become popular.

Work Hard On Search Engine Optimization
If you want to rank your wordpress website in top of Google Search Engine Pages, you need to understand and work seriously on SEO.

There are en number of free wordpress seo plugins you can use or you can take my help here

Besides focusing on over all optimization, give particular importance to On Page Optimization. This is very crucial point which no guru will tell you.

Next best practice is to use keywords relevant to your content. Keep keyword density to 10% of the content. You can use your keyword 5 to 7 times and use sentences rather than single keywords while in usage.

  • While writing content, keep in mind its styling such as length of the title, meta description and meta keywords, heading tags like h1, h2 etc, and Alt tags. Alt tags means image tags, in other words tagging or giving relevant name to image.
  • Keep Permalink Structure to Post name settings


  • When you write content, never forget to keep anchor links. Anchor links are Internal links that re-direct to other quality content on your own website.
  • Unlike anchor links use external links as well, directing to authoritative websites in your category of website or content.
  • Above all, use mobile responsive design for two reasons. Firstly, people these days are accessing information more on mobiles and tabs rather than desktops. Second, Google likes it that way, and so do your majority of audience will. Personally, I too like it that way.

After you get habitual with optimizing your content with SEO, your next immediate job is to remember Backlinks. Backlinks means getting inward links from other high quality websites.


The more quality backlinks you have, the better your website will rank on Google search results. This is an important resource seo expert will put into use.

Although it is difficult to get high quality backlinks, but not impossible. You can wonder, how and why do other high ranking website will link to your website content? Seriously, I don’t have the perfect answer, but I know the satisfactory solution. A perfect way is to guest post on high ranking websites in your category. Sometimes, we can be lucky to be linked back in exchange for writing quality content.

This small backlink will help pulling regular readers to your content, if you offer similar yet valuable content that they might to read. This is a very powerful method in improving traffic as we will be linked to a website which is already famous and well-established.

Tip – Get backlinks from .edu and .gov sites to rank quick and higher

Promote On Social Media
As soon you finish writing keyword rich content with anchor links and backlinks, you are all set to promote your content on social media.

Remember social media is very powerful, and its free. Social media is an excellent tool to promote and expand your website´s reach.

Today, almost everybody use Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. Use this opportunity to get noticed. You can reach billion of people within no time. The trick is don´t just post content you have published on your website. Comment on other people´s accounts, and if possible give solution to their questions by answering them in their comment boxes. Getting involved by regular interaction will attract audience to your website.

Preserve And Build Email List
Almost everyone who use internet will have email id. Over the decade, the most powerful tool of internet marketers was email marketing. It is still, one of the best tactics for promoting online businesses.

If you grow your email list by offering subscribe form on your website, you will grow your website like anything. There are many plugins and scripts but aweber is the best.

You can just automate email list,  as soon as you write the new content, you can share your new content especially with those who chose to subscribe with your site. Here are the few advantages out of many of email campaign:

  • It acts as a direct communication within no time.
  • If you have a good readership, it will keep them informed on your new updates.
  • Low cost as you spend almost nothing on promoting but chances of 100% Return On Investment.
  • If you are writing engaging content, it bonds your relationship with subscribers.
  • You can always add a personal touch in email with content or image, that you cannot express openly on your website.

Use High Quality Images
Using irrelevant and boring images will ruin your content. On the other hand, displaying high quality images on your WordPress site will make your site attractive and increases urge to read in audience.


One more thing to remember is to give proper alt tags to your images. In addition, high quality images are more likely to be shared across your friend circle and on social media platforms. Promoting your website by sharing images is yet another resourceful tool to become popular.

Branding Your WordPress Website
Marketing and branding your website is the final yet continuous process you must take while promoting your website.

Branding is constructing your brand by applying all the above ideas and properly implementing steps consistently. Always try to be stand out. To achieve this, create a  memorable website, write great killing content, put a catchy tagline, create and upload an impeccable logo. After all, your audience must recognize your brand with your logo.

Lastly, take action, stay consistent in writing contents and following all the above steps and never forget and keep promoting on social media platforms without fail.

These tips will surely help you to achieve success. All the best, and we hope to hear you story of success, soon.



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