7 Spiritual Lessons Post Demonitization

It’s easy to identify the traits of those who get ahead in life

The powerful, The Wealthy, The Attractive, The Back stabbers, The Cold blooded and The Merciless.

It’s obvious that the ways we measure success – Money, Power, Influence are not the ways God measures success. God’s kingdom does not function like our kingdom. God’s economy is not our economy – which means that our definition of success needs to CHANGE.

Entire India seems to be under chaos under the influence of this sudden change, nobody saw it coming, yet everybody seems to be concerned about the overnight action making high value currency invalid across India. 

Observing this sudden catapult, the fact is proved that Change is inevitable. This is the right time we introspect and learn 7 spiritual lessons from the currency invalidation.

Change is the law of nature, change from sum­mer to winter, from spring to fall, from the light of the full moon to the darkness. The Only Thing That Is Constant Is Change.

Everybody is concerned that value of money has changed, overnight. But there is something else which we know will surely come, but are not sure when, where and how – that is death. And it will come with more furtiveness than this currency change. We had 4 hours advance notice for this – but when death knocks, there will not be 4 seconds notice. Are we prepared for the change, secrecy and suddenness in Death?

We had lakhs of Rupees in 500 and 1000 denomination just yesterday – but today they are useless pieces of paper. Similarly, all worldly gains such as wealth, name, fame and power will be worthless in a second the moment death happens.

DEEDS – Don’t Bank Upon Banks
Like ATMs and Banks are closed today, options to do good deeds will close with death. No further good deeds can be done by us. We bought assets with 500 and 1000 currency earlier, but now no more. Similarly, only the lasting assets of good deeds we did will benefit us after death – no new goodness can be credited after death.

One of the purposes of the action is to deal with fake currency. After this, all fake notes will be out of the system. Sowill it be with ourselves and our actions. Let us test ourselves – do we have authentic notes or fake ones – of success, relations, happiness, even good deeds? is our life itself authentic or are we living a fake life in a fake world?

Big deeds run the risk of breeding pride and arrogance. The real gems are the small, quiet, hidden, good deeds that are done with sincerity when no one is looking.

“you are what you are, when you think, that nobody is looking at you”

The person with few 100 Rupee notes is today richer than the person who has thousand 500 Rupee notes.

For each of your actions, you shall be questioned and your source (intention) is judged.

When you go to the Bank to exchange the Rs 500 and 1000 denomination, you will be asked for identity proof / PAN / and your source of income. Similarly when you bring your deeds to the creator, he will ask for your source of intentions. Did you do it to be called a generous person? or to fulfill your pleasures? help others, or only for the will and happiness of God?

When change happened, people are busy worrying and planning what they can do with the invalid and out dated currency now. But it might be too late to decide. Keeping in mind the sudden change now we can cautiously and wisely plan our actions to begin life in the  right direction with sincere devotion, else this life too, could be too late to correct.

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