A Women Was Dragged Half A Km On The Road By An Auto

Freak accident occurred at Attapur junction of Rajendranagar.


A 48-year-old man being hit by an auto-rickshaw in the old city of Hyderabad is yet to be forgotten, and we’ve come across yet another freak accident occurred at Attapur junction of Rajendranagar. A video of a woman being dragged on the road by an auto rickshaw is doing rounds on social media and television channels. In video, woman in salwar, can be seen trying to stop an auto. The auto rickshaw with no number plate dragged her off to half a km. Few were seen running after the auto, trying to rescue her. Onlookers who is present at the incident, later took her for treatment to nearby hospital. However, it is speculated, that she was trying to catch hold of the vehicle or her dress got stuck in the auto. A traffic police at the junction told our reporters, “We are trying to locate the exact place. We are monitoring closed circuit cameras in suspected areas to know. If found the auto driver guilty, proper action will be taken based on the outcome.


South Central Railway, announced to media, that the 5.75-km-long, Tellapur – Rama chandra puram section of the Multi-Modal Transit System Phase II works would be completed by December 2017, and the line would be commissioned by December 2017. And the entire phase II, comprising 75 km to 80 km in four corridors would be commissioned between December 2017 To December 2018.


Survey of India, is sending an expedition to re-measure, the height of Mount Everest to verify doubts expressed over it, in some sections of the scientific community, following the major earthquake, in Nepal two years ago. Everest height was declared in the year 1855. The height given by Survey of India is 29,028 ft. After the major Nepal earthquake, there is a doubt in the scientific community that it is shrinking.

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