Are YouTube Stars Leaving YouTube?


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Recently, one of the most popular celebrity of Youtube, Philip DeFranco, announced that he is leaving YouTube to launch his own independent media channel, DeFranco Elite, funded through patreon, an online platform that allows content creators to build their own subscription content service. Patreon is gaining momentum among YouTube content creators, webcomic artists, writers, podcasters, musicians, and other categories of artists who create value content regularly online. It gives opportunity to creators to receive funding directly from their fans, or patrons (paid subscribers), on a recurring basis such as per month or per work of art basis.

phillip de francoAnother celebrity of his own kind, Shwetabh Gangwar, the creator of Mensutra on Youtube, is about to leave the platform. Truly, I like mensutra Youtube videos, but now either I have to pay $3 and become his patron or I have to just skip and move on without watching him on Youtube.

The decision of these cyber celebrities, comes after months of change around Youtube’s monetization policies. Certainly, the subscribers will now have to become patrons to access the content from the artists. Last year in 2016, creators openly condemned YouTube for demonetizing creator content for not being “advertiser friendly.”

According to the creators of small things, it is costing revenue, and at times, creators were not even notified. On one hand, DeFranco, who makes use of colorful language, believes that demonetizing videos due to language use is a form of censorship. It’s changes like these that are pushing content creators away from Youtube, while Gangwar earlier believed that simply making it even slightly big on Youtube could make his goals turn true, but as the policies have changed, he found that it’s just impossible. Reasons for that? In his own words:

  • I don’t upload that much to milk that kind of money.
  • Not too many people watch Mensutra. Only 10% of the subscribers do.
  • I will never compromise on my content for money.
  • I can’t do anything else since youtube is a full-time occupation.
  • So for these reasons, I concluded that I would need to set up this (patreon) account.

It is like celebrities were never producing for the essence of Youtube, the reason for which Youtube has been created. I was under the impression, that the value has been created out of love, passion and not just for money. Money to earn was the opportunity given to creators by creating what they do. about youtube
As you see, the platform gave an opportunity, to turn no one’s into creators for no reason.

about youtube policy
It’s kind of funny that all of the creators saying, “Hey, kids. You want my stuff, it’s not free, charges apply, I am not here to work free. If not, why are you leaving youtube?

It’s even more comedy to see people beg money, as they do for subscribers to like, share and comment.

While YouTube’s recent policy changes are doing more harm than good for a number of creators. Then there is another big platform for folks What’sTrending. They appear to be incredibly happy that DeFranco is moving forward with his own platform and wishing him the best of luck! – you guess em leaving thousands of subscribers in the lurch? you are just 10%, i don’t care.

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