Colonel Jasjit Singh Arrested For Robbing Gold


Colonel Jasjit Singh arrested for allegedly robbing smuggled gold in the north-eastern region of Mizoram state.

Colonel Jasjit Singh

An IPS cadre officer told journalists that Sr Army official has been arrested along with 8 other army personnel from the state’s capital Aizawl for their role of robbing gold worth 140m rupees ($2.1m;£1.8m) that was being smuggled into Mizoram from Myanmar in December in 2015.

As Mizoram shares an international border with Myanmar, Colonel Jasjit Singh thoroughly knew about the smuggling of gold on this route and directed his armed men to rob the vehicle.

Though it happened last year, the police only intervened after the driver filed a complaint on 21 April.

The driver of the vehicle, Mr Lalnunfela was initially hesitant citing safety to his life to complain about the incident, but later he determined to approach police after his friends persuaded him into it.

On the other hand, taking this incident seriously, the Indian army has also begun its own probe into the incident.

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