Drive Safely Watching Live Video Behind Safety Trucks


safetytrucksDriving on Indian Highways is difficult. And when the highway is single-lane it is really a nightmare.

Driving behind a semi-trailer truck gives us goose bumps. We are concerned about our family’s safety whenever we are on a single-lane highway or on road?.  We see that the truck drivers drive relatively slow, we cannot overtake it due to its size, and because we cannot see what is happening in front of the truck, we are frustrated.

In an attempt to solve this problem, Samsung has developed a solution that will make this problem a thing of the past.

India’s statistics on traffic accidents are among the highest in the world, after Argentina. Most of these accidents happen particularly in situations of overtaking. Observing this, Samsung has developed a novel technology especially for trucks that seeks to enrich the lives of people through innovation. Clearly, this time the goal appears to be more ambitious than to make money: to save lives, which is laudable.

How Does it Work?

A high resolution wireless camera is attached to The Safety Truck in front, that is connected to a video screen wall made out of four exterior big and clear monitors located on the back of the truck. The monitors show drivers behind the truck a clear view of what is coming or going ahead of this truck on road, even in the dark of night.

Apparently, the highway drivers have a better decision, watching live video and decide whether it is safe to overtake or not. Main benefit of the Safety Truck is that it may reduce the risk of accidents that may occur by applying sudden brakes or with animals crossing the road.

Samsung created the mock-up development by providing large format display samples, and organized a test with a local B2B client STATUS OF THE TRUCK

At present, the mock-up truck built is not operational and still is under corresponding tests in accordance with existing local government protocols and waiting for obtaining necessary permissions and approvals. However, Samsung has been able to confirm that this technology works and the idea can definitely reduce accidents and save the lives of people and animals.

Development Samsung is working together with safe driving NGOs and the government.