Facts About Future Of SM


Whether you love it or hate it, the presence of social media in our lives is recognizable. So much so that they have become inseparable. It now has a firm grip on our daily activities, be it reading news or entertainment related. People who do not have a social media presence have become obsolete and are almost forced to be on either of the platforms just to stay relevant. While the past few years has seen a major shift in social media platforms, these are the most interesting things to look forward to:

 More and more videos– 2017 saw a hike in Snapchat and Instagram users due to their more video centric content rather than Twitter and Facebook’s photo heavy content. They provide a more intuitive experience and it has been a hit amongst the users. With the introduction of Facebook and Instagram stories along with Snapchat, the future of social media only promises more and more of videos.  

Less games– There was a time on Facebook that games like Farmville, Cityville, Texas Hold’em Poker, Criminal Case etc. generated more traffic than the social media site itself (close to 66 percent). That trend has gradually declined over time and we can expect this trend to continue in the future.

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More users- Social media use increased by 21% in 2017 reaching almost 2.3 billion global users. This means that almost half of the world is online now through some device or the other. We hardly know anyone who is not on WhatsApp or Facebook- that is how much social media has penetrated our lives. Users are bound to increase fourfold in the future.

Increased traffic– More users means more traffic. Snapchat in 2017  hit 10 billion video views-daily! That aptly outlines the current popularity of social media and it is only bound to increase.

Increased ads– Increase in traffic always bring increase in advertisements wherever one might notice. Advertisements are the reasons how these social media have not only been able to sustain but also produce unimaginable profits. Companies are now assigning massive budgets for social media marketing. In 2017, a global increase of 26% on spending was witnessed for social media. This can be expected to continue in the future.

More personalised content– Instagram and Snapchat have managed to sway users towards them due to their highly personalised content. Instant and meaningful posts are generated using carefully monitored algorithms produced for each and every individual giving a very immersive overall experience. This trend will continue in the future.

More social media platforms– As the traffic on the internet and specifically social media increases, more and more entrepreneurs are backed to build their own platforms for the masses. With so much investments going into the internet, we can expect more social media platforms in the near future.

More government interventions– Governments have always kept checks on social media activity whether they are controversial political posts or posts criticizing the government or prominent personalities. Social media police is always active and regularly take down posts which can create tension amongst users. This is likely to increase in the future.

Crackdown on fake accountsSocial media platforms have increased their efforts to bring down multiple fake accounts used for garnering fake likes, comments on pages or for spreading communal hate. As the number of such pages rise, efforts to bring them down are also going to increase.

Integration of AR/VR– Augmented and Virtual Realities have been deemed the future of interaction by many experts. Facebook has already started supporting 360 degree and VR videos followed by Youtube. Despite the technical glitches, it is a newer way of watching videos and it is only getting better. Integration of VR is one of the most promising areas of future social media.

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