Harbhajan’s Pertinent Tweet Reg His Stand

Harbhajan’s Pertinent tweet To A Budmash For just being a Passenger In The Indian Cricket Team

Bhajji may not be a lucky part of the playing XI in the Indian cricket team during the ICC World T20 but that doesn’t mean he’s any less a cricketer. Recently, the Indian offspinner got trolled on twitter for being a ‘passenger’ in the team.

This is what a twitter user tweeted on Harbhajan Singh: harbhajans tweet

With countless negative pass-ons about celebrities everyday, especially cricketers, we observed that they never really bothered to reply to these kind of tweets. But for out spoken and tit-for-tat attitude Bhajji, couldn’t take it. He tweeted back with a pertinent reply, which is as follows:

harbhajans tweet One has to recollect that Bhajji is in the Indian limited-overs squad which proves that he’s still the second-best offspinner in the country after Ravichandran Ashwin. To add, Harbhajan has the experience of playing over 350 ODI’s, the fact which none of the other bowlers in the current squad possess. This peculiar video of Harbhajan and Ravichandran Ashwin stands as a testament that both enjoy being friends.  

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