Harms Of Eating Red Meat


I am giving a list of harms of eating red meat. However, no matter what my list says, it may or may not apply to you since it will depend upon your place of birth, the way you are fed and being brought up. Your body chemistry may act separately than what is reported here.

I saw many old aged smokers with no sign of ill-health, cancer or heart-disease and few who died of stroke for smoking. This proves, each individual will react differently according to their body chemistry.

However, based on statistical approach, majority of smokers are found under severe negative health conditions.

Being said that, let us know how our health gets affected eating read meat.

How WHO classify red and processed meats

harms of eating red meat

The Harms Of Eating Red Meat

Eating Red Meat Will Lead To Alzheimer’s Disease.
Eating red meat will give you proteins called Tau and beta-amyloid. Scientific studies on this protein show that accumulation of Tau and beta-amyloid in brain either disrupts nerve cells or kill them leading to Alzheimer’s disease.

Scientists however found through another study, that iron accumulation is another possible leading factor. Red meat is rich of iron, and a high-red meat diet can lead to iron build up in the body.

Excessive intake of Beef leads to Type 2 Diabetes
Consumption of red meat regularly will increase the risk of type 2 diabetes by 50% and 2 extra servings of red meat a week will increase the risk of diabetes by 70 %.

Red Meat Can Cause Severe Heart Related Disease
Scientists have proved defying age old theory that red meat and disease does not derive from the saturated fats and cholesterol, in fact the gut microbes break down an important compound found in red meat known as Carnitine, which in turn gives trimethylamine-N-Oxide known as TMAO in short.

Health scientists have found that TMAO is the cause for atherosclerosis, the fatty accumulation in our arteries which in turn leads to heart stroke.

Eating Excessive Red Meat Will Lead To Mad Cow Disease
United Kingdom witnessed a full-scale MAD COW epidemic in 1986, affecting at least 1,50,000 cattle over the next 15 years. And here is the link what happened Mad Cow Disease Still Menaces U.K. Blood Supply. This is a profound evidence of eating red meat causing variant Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease, which not only sound deadly but kills you within 14 months of diagnosis.

madcowSo whether or not eating red meat has been proven to have a harmful affect or not, we cannot warranty what a combination of several chemicals, hormones will do to us.

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