Minister of Finance, Defence, and Corporate Affairs

The dual role of Arun jaitley seems to be a huge policy making problem apart from clash of interests and morality. Many ridiculed the then part time Defence Minister Arun Jaitley after outrage burst in the wake of beheading of Indian soldiers by Pakistan Army, but the same brigade forgot the basic clash of interests that comes when the same Finance Minister becomes, also the Defence Minister.

How is that?, that the Defence Ministry is the biggest expenditure ministry and Finance Ministry is responsible to monitor the expenditure of all Ministries. Finance Ministry’s main job is to monitor the expenditure and cut the pie judiciously and distribute it intelligently so no one goes hungry. But, the situation is a kind of dilemma at present.  it is impossible to guess how this will be managed and achieved.

On one hand as a Minister of Defence, Mr Jaitley will have to abide what his delegates and Armed forces propose and as a Minister of Finance, his delegates and staff in Ministry put each proposal from the Defence Ministry under a microscope, prior approving each proposal.

We too, are as curious as you, to know who wins this oxymoron situation. The Defence wing can’t receive money because, the Finance Ministry can’t give any money, unless the funding is approved!

The self fight seems to me like this

A committee made by Nehru decided to give Bharat ratna award to Mr Nehru. This proposal was sent to then ruling party congress led by Mr Nehru. Mr Nehru sent this proposal to then Prime minister Mr Nehru. Prime minister Mr Nehru approved the proposal made by committee to give the Bharat ratna award to Mr Nehru

Nehru Recommend Bharath Ratna To Nehru
Nehru Recommend Bharath Ratna To Nehru

The reason seems to be obvious for the previous governments not to allow Finance Minister any other portfolio. Even though some service ministries such as Corporate Affairs or Registrar of Companies were kept with Finance Ministers on some occasions, no expenditure item is kept with the Finance Ministry.

Though it’s Modi’s hawa to allot and shuffle Cabinet portfolios, in this case he deliberately erred in giving the portfolio? or it is his another surgical undercover, which will be revealed later.

Out of 338 MP’s – 282 in Lok Sabha and 56 in Rajya Sabha, don’t we have a robust Ministerial candidate to handle Defence? in the entire cabinet?

Why that the Defence portfolio was given to Mr Jaitley for six months as a part time after Modi became the PM in 2014. Why two portfolios to a person who lost Lok Sabha elections with nearly a two lakh margin?.

Surprisingly, the Opposition and the presstitutes, the one which will disrupt proceedings in the Houses and the other in social media, has mouth shut over this dual role.

Why can’t Mr Modi delegate this role to former General Vijay Kumar Singh, who won as a BJP candidate who retired as a chief of Indian Army, lived as a soldier, won the elections with more than five lakh vote margin?

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