Hyderabadi Set A World Record Of Hugging 79 People In A Minute

79 hugs in one minute

What can be done in a single minute? Hurry and read 2 emails, twit an update or post status on fb? And probably you will break eggs and start making omelets and you see your one minute is up.

Well,  Krishan Kumar from Hyderabad hugged 79 people in a minute and set a world record. The Guinness Book Of World Records described the event as their most “affectionate record ever”.

krishan kumarIn an attempt to spread love, Krishan approached a school in Andhra Pradesh and organized 88 school children queue up in a line to achieve the speed-hugging challenge. Here is the video of Krishan Kumar (courtesy: Guiness Book Of World Records), for you and we can just see it’s the most hilarious yet determined event that you will watch today.

Krishan begins confidently and within seconds, it’s like swimming in a pool, if he is imagined lying horizontally. Embracing becomes difficult and yet he struggles to hug each kid running towards him.

May be that is because of the children of different heights.

Krishan hugged 83 students but unbiased team of Guinness World Records disqualified a number of hugs which were more of “headlocks than proper squeezes.”

Earlier, similar record of maximum hugs was achieved by an individual called Carrie Bickmore for 77 hugs. Carrie hugged 77 people at the Huggies Hugs for Healing event at the Sydney Children’s Hospital in Randwick, New South Wales, Australia, in 2014.

Surely the attempt of Krishan kumar was praiseworthy, Well done, and best wishes for Krishan Kumar from 99mag.com

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