Motiur Rahman Nizami

Motiur Rahman Nizami: Bangladeshi Islamist leader hanged on early Wednesday local time.

Amidst thousands of people who gathered near the prison in Bangladesh capital Dhaka to celebrate the hanging of 73 year old Motiur Rahman Nizami was prosecuted for genocide, rape and torture and for crimes during war of independence from Pakistan in 1971.

beating with shoes
people beat his poster with shoes to show their defiance

Anisul Haq, Law Minister of Bangladesh said that Nizami led Bangladesh’s largest Islamist party, Jamaat-e-Islami which was the 5th and highest ranked opposition party and the executions are needed to heal the wounds of the conflict.

people gathered around prison in dhaka
Public gathered outside Dhaka’s prison celebrating prosecution with victory signs

Who is Motiur Rahman Nizami?
A former minister and 4th leader of the Jamaat-e-Islami party to have been prosecuted since Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina set up a war crimes tribunal to look into abuses during the independence war.

Nizami was prosecuted after he was found guilty of setting up a militia which helped the Pakistani army identify and kill pro-independence activists.

opponents of nizami
Nizami opponents mocking him with a noose.

To recollect, War Of Independence 1971

  • Civil war erupted in Pakistan, the West Pakistan army put against opposition of East Pakistanis demanding autonomy and later independence.
  • War forced 10 million East Pakistani citizens to run to India
  • Finally, India raids East Pakistan in support of the East Pakistani people
  • Pakistani army surrenders at Dhaka with more than 90,000 army men who became Indian prisoners of war.
  • East Pakistan became the independent country of Bangladesh on 16 December 1971
  • Bangladesh claims that during this war about 5 million people have died.

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