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khairatabad ganesh, history details

Khairatabad Ganesh 2012, history, pictures and details

2012 Vinayaka chaturthi is near. Entire city started embellishing their pandals to invite Sri Ganesha on 19th of September this month. Every nook and lanes of Hyderabad is being decorated with pandals while Khairatabad ganesh which is the king of all local ganeshas too is busy in preparation.

Khairatabad Ganesh as we all know is all set to begin.  This 58th celebration has something extra with its organizing committee naming our ganesha as “SARVALAKA MAHA GANAPATI”. 2012 ganesh idol is expected to be 58 ft tall with 24 feet in width and will be of 40 tonnes of weight.

About khairatabad ganesh

Construction of Khairatabad Ganesh 2012 started on 14th June 2012 with an estimation cost of 45 lakhs. As much as 100 workers, 20 carpenters, 13 welders are employed to finish the task. These workers are hired from Machilipatnam, Kolkata, Mumbai and Chennai who are expert in idol making.

Like lord ganesha his laddu too is very big to handle and is always center of attraction. This time it is 3500 kgs donated by Sri Mallebabu from Tapeshwaram , Kakinada who runs a sweet shop.

Why khairtabad is famous during Vinayaka chaturthi festival is that the largest Lord Ganesh Idol in the world is installed at the Khairtabad. After installation of idol poojas are done for 11 days. Later, on 11th day the lord Ganesha idol is immersed called as “Ganesh Visarjan” at Hussain Sagar Lake.

khairtabad ganesh 389x291 khairatabad ganesh, history details

Lakhs of people throng to Khairatabad especially during ganesh chaturthi festival to see the glimpse of lord ganesha statue and take blessings.  Whenever you visit this place to see Khairatabad ganesh do not forget to take snaps as you will never get an opportunity to have such a marvelous experience. Try to capture it in your cam. It’s new every time, it’s different every time.

Governor Sri E.S.L. Narsimhan is expected to inaugurate the auspicious festival on the day assisted by local leader and labour minister Mr Danam Nagender followed by yadanna, Anjan Kumar Yadav and others.


DSCN4757 389x291 khairatabad ganesh, history detailsThe man behind the idea of installing Khairatabad ganesh is Mr S.Sudershan, founder cum chairman of the Khairtabad idol and the committee, ‘Ganesh Utsav Committee”. According to the committee 90 per cent of the work is done and security measures have been taken well in advance. As far as 200 police personnel are deployed and 300 volunteers have taken responsibility to assist the force in maintaining law and order.

NEROLAC IS THE LUCKY COMPANY WHO SPONSORED MULTI COLOURS TO BE USED TO PAINT LORD GANESHA 2012. For this expert painters are hired from Kakinada. Sketch artist Mr Rajendran is monitoring almost 100 men guiding them to finish the work as instructed. When asked Mr Sudershan about the invitation he said, there is no special invitation to celebrities, Ganesha Chaturthi is open to all common public and anyone can come and have darshan and take blessings.

Hyderabad Ganesh idols 2012

According to the historian Mr William Dalrymple in his book WHITE MUGHALS Khairatabad is named after Khairunnissa, the wife of Captain James Achilles Kirkpatrick whose tomb is located next to the Khairtabad Mosque though the access is to the backside of the monument.  There is still an ample amount of speculation on this as to this tomb could be of Khair-un-Nissa, even though the book doesn’t mention any such tomb. Well, that’s history and coming to the point…

As I was telling you that all the Hyderabadis participate in the 11-day festival and lakhs of people from in and around Hyderabad and across India, visit Khairatabad to view Idol and get the blessings of the Lord Vinayaka.  On the 11th day, a must see huge procession with full of musical instruments especially drums with famous Hyderabad teen maar dance takes place and the idol is carried to the Hussain Sagar Lake. After immersing the idol, the festival ends.

You can visit www.ganapathideva.org to know more about Khairatabad Ganesh. During the festival the Singari’s family is dedicating and is assisting in successful conducting of the Lord Ganesh festival since 1954. Especially in this 11 days duration numerous poor families survive by selling many products to the visitors.

First Khairatabad Ganesh was only 1ft tall.

Transport & Landmark

Khairatabad is near to state library well connected by MMTS a local train service. Buses are run by the state-owned APSRTC, and are well connected to all parts of Hyderabad.

Next lane to ICICI bank while coming from erramanzil and going towards lakdi-ka-pul
beside petrol bunk you will find train racks
Come to Eanadu Office and ask any passerby

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