million dollar buffalo

Every year buffalo carnival, popularly known as “Sadar” is held pompously by Yadav’s community in Hyderabad. This is generally done to participate as a part of Deepavali celebration. This year 2015 too Yadav’s held a carnival.

During this Sadar Utsav mela  (carnival) buffaloes of different sizes are elaborately decorated with flower garlands, varied painted horns and parade them through the streets as part of powershow.

In such an event, a Murrah buffalo was brought from Haryana to participate and it’s worth is a whopping a million dollar i.e., Rs 7 crore. Astonished? the more surprising thing is this buffalo’s semen is now possibly the most expensive in India, sold at Rs.350 per dose. The earnings from the sale of this buffalo’s semen cost Rs. is 40 lakh per year.

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