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Pakistan Captured 36 Indian Fishermen At Gujrat Offcoast

Indian fishermen Captured


Pakistan Captured 36 Indian Fishermen At Gujrat Offcoast

Pakistan Captures 36 Indian Fishermen At Gujrat Offcoast Near Jakau

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Pakistan maritime security agency  yesterday, captured 36 Indian fishermen, and seized their six boats off Gujarat coast, in the Arabian sea, an official of Porbandar-based National Fishworkers’ Forum said.

These fishermen were captured  near the International maritime boundary line, near jakhau coast and are said to be taken to karachi port. Indian govt officials will have to speak to pakistan authorities, to know the status of captured fishermen, share this news to everyone in your channel till it goes to higher officials.


Meghalaya Governor, V Shanmughanathan, resigned from his post late night yesterday, after about  100 employees of the Raj Bhawan, wrote a letter to the Prime Minister, accusing him of 11 allegations, and one of them is turning the prestigious office, into a Young Ladies Club.

The detailed letter alleged, that the 67-year-old Governor’s activities, hurt the decorum, and prestige of the Raj Bhawan. From the time of his appointment, the employees are going through severe humiliation, mental stress and torture.


BSP chief,  Maayawathi,  joined dangerous Gangster in her party, who is accused of 40 criminal cases, including murders and kidnappings, and is currently lodged in Lucknow Jail, saying  there are Bigger Goons In Other Parties.

Giving justification on joining, Mook tar Ansari, she said it is good to help dreaded criminals, to reform and help them regain their lost way.

The Ansaris, already have political clout in Uttar Pradesh. Ansaris grandfather, was national president of the Congress party, and are seen to have considerable influence, in about 20 assembly constituencies





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