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Shocked Seeing Video Of A Young Lady Being Abducted And Attempted Rape

What’s even more shocking is Cops didn’t help the victim until she took the CCTV Video Images

As seen on CCTV footage, a shocking act of a Bengaluru rowdy named Akshay, who abducted a 22 year old women (the women works with a private beauty clinic) took her to a semi-constructed building and allegedly tried to rape her.style=”text-align: justify;”>Luckily, the victim resisted the perpetrator’s attempts and escaped after biting his hand, hard.

Few moments before this abduction, she got down outside her PG near Maramma Temple by her colleague.  Before she could enter her PG building, she seems to receive a call (as we can see in the CCTV video footage). While she was still on the call, Akshay grabbed her all of a sudden from behind, lifted her up and took her to a building nearby, and tried to rape.

Though the video footage from a CCTV camera, fixed at a neighbour’s house, captured the bone-chilling, sensational incident late on April 23. The video footage only emerged on Monday, following which the video went viral on social media.

 The local cops registered a complaint around 5 p.m.

It is said that the victim, when ran and rushed back to her PG and narrated her horrifying ordeal, the PG owner, Manjunath advised her not to go to the police and tried to persuade her against filing a complaint.

Taking  CCTV footage into consideration and the reliable information provided by locals, who had seen Akshay often in the area, says they were being harassed by him and had been creating trouble in the area,”.

Upon enquiry, our reporters also got to know that Rowdy Akshay, was also involved in an attempt to murder case in C.K. Achukattu case in 2014.

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