SpaceX To Launch Global Net From Space


Space Exploration Technologies Corporation, better known as SpaceX has applied to US Federal Communications Commission (FFC) for official permission to launch 4,425-strong network satellites that will provide global broadband internet access.

Each satellite, about the size of an average car, excluding solar panels, would weigh 850 pounds (386kg)

Beside SpaceX who designs, manufactures and launches advanced rockets and spacecrafts, It is only one of the competent among several established companies such as Intelsat (OneWeb), SES (O3B), Telesat and Boeing who are at laps in their own progress plans, aiming to deploy satellite-based internet services next year.

In an official announcement, the company said “Once fully set, the SpaceX system will pass over virtually all parts of the Earth’s surface and therefore, in principle, have the competence to provide ubiquitous global service.”