With tears in his eyes, Sanjay Rana, Village Pradhan expressed – Raajneeti karne ke bohot tareeke hain, hindu-musalmano ko toh akela chhod do.

All other villagers are expressing similarly. “We need a CBI investigation into this case to have the truth in front of us. If we don’t get a yes for the CBI investigation by May 4, we will sit on dharna.”

bombay protest

The entire village appears to be disappointed with the one-sided coverage of the Dadri killing. YES, we are talking about the Dadri Killing.

The ill-fated day, when Mohammed Akhlaq was killed, politicians came, condoned in front of live media, and left in their luxury cars,” “The media kept showing their breaking news about the death of Akhlaq.

Akhlaq was like my elder kin. We celebrated many occasions together, and I was the one who informed the police to intervene when the mob started thrashing him up, says Sanjay Rana, a neighbor and close friend of Akhlaq. But, the truth remains that people absolutely ignored what was happening to us. Why is no one talking about our kids who have been arrested without any basis? Why is no news channel breaking the news that we are not being shown the forensic reports?

The Whimsical side of the Dadri killing

At least 18 boys were picked up for killing Mohammad Akhlaq. Their families complain that the arrest was whimsical.

We will never forget disgraceful district of Dadri, the village of Bisarar. On Sep 28th , 2015, an apparently disturbed mob from Bisara village in Dadri district thrashed a 50-year old Mohammad Akhlaq to death, for allegedly consuming beef. (yet to be verified)

This news spread and people gathered in front of Akhlaq’s house and the furious mob agitation and thrashing lead to death of Akhlaq and his son, Danish.

Uproar followed. Politicians condemned the act. Media flashed Breaking News, Compensations were announced. And the public discourse was set for the next few weeks.

Media instead of taking strings responsibly, took no stone unturned to use this disgraceful opportunity to malign BJP as this incident took place at a time when the BJP government had already made headlines with their beef ban statement.

The big question is where are the news anchors who shouted, panelists who fought for equality and secularism in newsrooms? Where are the Awards returnees, intolerant marches? The intense debaters who conveniently shifted the issue from the local murder to the national intolerance, asks Ramesh Sethiya, a local villager from Bisarar.

After the killing was announced, the cops arrested 18 boys assuring villagers that these boys were taken into custody only for general “what happened” questioning but they are still in prison even after 7 months.

Raged over this, villagers formed a Sangharsh Samiti (a committee to fight) which seems to be gaining momentum to demand a CBI probe into the alleged arrests.

This SANGARSH SAMITHI (Committee) has 2 demands

  1. To probe forensic report shown to us, ascertaining as to what was the consumed food eaten by Akhlaq and his family,”
  2. Demand a CBI investigation into the case, probing the arrest of 18 village boys from the village without any evidence.”

Upon questioning committee members they say, “media and sections of society are accusing us of protesting, but we are only protesting for a legal battle, fully keeping the constitution in mind. We have complete faith in our constitution and in God.”

Meanwhile our inquiries revealed that Station House Officer (SHO) at the Jarcha PS Mr Ravinder Rathi was transferred  few days back. Village Mukhiya Rana informed our reporters that the custodians are at the Jarcha police station. And attempts to contact Mr Ravinder turned futile. When we called he cut the call short the moment the Dadri killing arrest case was mentioned.

The official number of the new SHO has been unavailable.

Do we have to wait until the next U.P. elections for Dadri to gain primetime coverage and panel debates again? Why every section of society is silent on this issue?.

PS:  We heard that the case peshi has been further pushed to July 10th 2016. However, CBI has been made one of the parties to the court hearing on July 10th, in addition to the already added UP State government and the Central government.

This hearing will decide the fate of the 18 boys and if the investigation will be led by CBI or not. Let us wait and watch..

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