WhatsApp Share Live Location To Sour Relations?

After last seen in whatsapp, there have been blue tick cold wars among friends and your loved ones. WhatsApp has another beautiful Pre New Year gift to bombard you — Live location. Of course, its a remarkable helpful feature for parents who are worried about whereabout of their kids, but we already know how the “WhatsApp Blue tick” story resulted fights among friends and family.

Though live location sharing feature is not new. There are apps like Telegram, iMessage, Snapchat and Google Maps offering the same limited time live location sharing option. But almost no one use this feature, for their own reasons.

But, it will not be the case with popular chat platform app, WhatsApp. The same ‘Live location’ sharing, the more people are likely to start using it and we can already imagine how this good feature could cause distress among users.

What exactly is Share Live Location?
As the name itself says, The Live Sharing of your location allows you to share your current location in real-time with family or friends. “Whether you’re hung up with friends, let know your loved ones that you’re safe, or sharing your location while you are in cab, Live Location is a simple and secure way to let people know where you are,”.

But we already have share Current Location. How is it different?
In the existing location sharing feature, you have the flexibility to choose any location by typing the area name and share it. You can also save the pin from current location and share later from a different location as current location.

But with Live Location sharing, the exact location of the smartphone will be broadcasted as it is. And the same will be tracked and shared. You will not have control on the Live location stream, only thing is unless you decide to turn it off. In the coming days, similar to Snapchat, users are even shown as to whether they are driving or walking, says whatsapp.
Little more information:
Both Android and iPhone.
This feature is not permanent and you will have the option to share your real-time location for 15 minutes, 1 hour or 8 hours with someone or a group. You can stop sharing your real time location any time you want.

How does it work?
Open a chat with the person or group you want to share with. Under “Location” in the attach pin symbol, there’s a new option to “Share Live Location.” Choose for how long you want to share and tap send. If it’s a group, all the group members will be able to see your real-time location on a map. And if more than one person shares their Live Location in the group, all locations will be visible on the same map.


How can it be big problem for you? and sour your relations
Obviously, there is no threat as such. This end-to-end encrypted feature lets you control who you share with and for how long. You can choose to stop sharing at any time or let the Live Location timer simply expire.
But the main issue is…
what will happen when you are forced to switch on Live Location sharing by your loved ones? BOMB!

All hell breaks loose! Just imagine the situation when you are not keen on letting your loved one or friends know your exact location but you are forced, to do so. Or, when you tell that your just 5 mins away from a party and your friends force your share your live location? when you tell your debtor that you are out of station, and he demands to share live location.
We don’t want to take you to the wildest of your imaginations by dropping more hints of taking dis-advantage of live location but we would like to inform beforehand, the “blue tick” cold wars among friends, would be a matter of history, lets get ready for LLS fights.

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