4 Survival Tips for Millennials Working in the BPO Industry

    4 Survival Tips for Millennials Working in the BPO Industry

    When we hear the word BPO, our thought process immediately redirects us to the field of customer service specifically the call center sector.

    You can find a large number of call center services in the Philippines. Understandably so because we are considered as the call-center capital of the world – taking the title away from India.

    People, especially fresh graduates, are attracted to this sector due to the minimum qualifications required to land a job. They also offer large salaries and countless benefits which are hard to find nowadays. What fresh grads fail to realize, however, is that working at a call center service isn’t a walk in the park. Often it means you have to work the night shift and that’s not easy to adjust to.

    So if you’re considering a job as an agent or already got one, read up on these tips that will help you survive the BPO or call center life!

    Start Your Day Right

    It’s going to be hard to be productive at work when you’re already exhausted and defeated at the start of the day. The moment you wake up, condition yourself to be energized and excited about the day ahead. Keep your mood up by eating a healthy breakfast – or dinner depending on your shift – and staying in brightly lit areas.

    You can also do some light exercises like stretching to wake up and ready your mind and body.

    Hydrate, Hydrate, and Hydrate

    One way to rid of the tiredness and sleepiness weighing down on you is to keep yourself hydrated, so always have a cup or tumbler of water by your desk.

    This is especially important if your job includes taking calls and conversing with customers. Talking non-stop will make your mouth dry and will lead to sore throats, which will make it difficult for you to do your job properly. Although it is advisable to drink lots of water, don’t chug it down by the liter. Drink just the right amount to prevent dehydration and avoid constant trips to the restroom.

    Rest If You Can

    Sometimes you have to accept that there are battles you can’t win. If you really can’t keep yourself up and the urge to sleep or rest is too great, then it’s okay to give in. Most call center companies have break rooms where employees can enjoy short naps or just lie down and rest; don’t be ashamed to use these rooms. It’s normal to feel tired and sleepy especially if you’re working through night.

    Don’t oversleep, though, or you’ll lose your napping privileges or, at worst, your job.

    Interact with Your Colleagues

    Engage in actual conversations with your colleagues, but do it at the right time and place. Don’t mindlessly chatter among yourselves in the workplace. You can enjoy your conversations in the cafeteria or outside the company building.

    These conversations help keep you awake and prevent you from burning out.

    Key Takeaway

    Working at call center services in the Philippines isn’t much different from working at other companies even if you are up during the night and asleep during the day. It’s all about conditioning yourself and keeping your mind and body healthy. You can do this through exercise, adequate food and water intake, giving in to your body’s needs, and interacting with your colleagues.

    These survival tips are also applicable if you work in other industries! Try them out and you’re sure to be more productive and energized at work.

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