64k Koreans File LawSuit Against Apple

    South Koreans File LawSuit Against Apple

    64,000 Koreans File LawSuit Against Apple Over iPhone Slowdown

    Around 64,000 iPhone users in South Korea filed a dispute against Apple Korea and Apple Inc. over the deliberate slowdown of older devices, compelling people to buy new versions. This is viewed as Korea’s biggest ever class action lawsuit.

    The petitioners demand that around $12 million in damages be paid to them. The suit allege that Apple intentionally didn’t notify users about the slowdown to advocate sale of new iPhones.

    The lawsuit has been filed with the Seoul Central District Court by Hannuri, a local law firm representing users. The law firm claimed about 2,00,000 won equal to $188 per user,  that is Rs 12240 per plaintiff, accusing Apple for tweaking software to make users buy new ones once a new model was released in the market.

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