Our vision and mission is clear and straight. We observed that the role of the media, as an influencer of public opinion has always been recognized by governments. 
Press freedom is generally accepted as a corner stone of modern democratic society.

However, there is also an intense recognition, that the media should be responsible in what and how it reports and also clearly analyze circulating information from analysis and opinions.

In the days of Citizen Journalism when the world has shrunk to wavelengths and information-sharing through the social media, it has already proved its mettle in bringing about major changes, there fore we see it essential as our vision and mission to take a critical look at the role and the responsibilities of the media. We strive very hard to give accurate and healthy information keeping in view the social responsibility in what and how it reports, and how it ought to distinguish between giving information.

We are strictly against obscene, nudity that comes in the form of advertisements, news or articles, that is why you see that our portal have clean and neat news pieces so that the individuals of different ages can browse without any hesitation.