Many people have been demonizing the use of credit cards. They believe that simply using them would amount to a large pile of debt, which nobody wants. However, they are more complicated than that. In fact, they can assist you to build a good credit score for when you need to apply for loans. For you to achieve this, you would need to properly manage them.

But first, you need to get one. How do you apply for one, you ask?

You send a credit card application to your bank of choice, of course!

Secure a stable source of income

First things first, you must have a job where you can get a stable source of income. Think about it; no bank would give a credit card to someone who doesn’t have work and money to pay for all their credit.

So, go and find a job you like. If possible, wait for your 6th month before you head out and send out a credit card application.

Open a deposit account

As a working professional, it is highly suggested for you to open a deposit account—whether you plan to apply for a credit card or not.

Banks would likely check the funds coming in and out of this account. This is why you should strive hard to maintain a good balance in this; avoid withdrawing money from it if you could do so.

Opt for a secured credit card

A secured credit card will cost you more than a regular one. This is because the bank will ask you for a pledged deposit—the amount banks used as collateral to guarantee repayment of your credit.

This is, however, the easiest and surest way for you to get a credit card.

Find out which credit card will best work for you

Before you set your sight on a credit card, you’ve got to learn more about the things that could go with owning one. For instance, you have to check if a card has the following:

  • Cash rebates
  • Loyalty points and rewards
  • Perks and privileges
  • Credit card promos
  • Charges and fees
  • Payment terms
  • Annual fee
  • Low-interest rate

Knowing about all these would let you know if a credit card will best suit you.

Learn the different features of a credit card

Apart from allowing you to go cashless, you’ll be surprised by all the things a credit card can do. A few examples of the features it could have are:

  • 0% Monthly Installment – enables you to stretch your repayments over the course of a year without adding any interest rate.
  • Travel – provides amazing perks and benefits to cardholders who loves to travel (e.g. airline miles, access to VIP lounges, and 24/7 concierge services).
  • Fuel Rebate – offers cardholders discounts on their fuel purchases.

Again, it is best you review a credit card before you decide to get it.


With this information and with proper research, you will be able to find the best credit card for a first timer like you. Once you get approved, don’t forget to properly manage it so you won’t have any issue dealing with credit card debt!

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