Ayush Killed For 50 Lakh Ransom


21 year Ayush Nautiyal, a student of Ram Lal Anandh College, Delhi University found dead near a drain in Dwaraka on Wednesday. Ayush was kidnapped last week and his parents received a picture on WhatsApp showing him tied up and with a head injury.

Notably the grieved family arranged Rs 10 lakh but could not locate the kidnapper.

Police after a detailed investigation including technical help from surveillance and CCTV footage collected from various locations, able to identify the accused as Ishtiaq Ali, and took him into custody. Joint Commissioner Of Police said, Ishtiaq works as a sampling manager for various export houses and is an ex-student of a fashion institute. He confessed to killing Ayush Nautiyal.

TakeAway: Parents of single child Ayush, alleged that the police had a “Careless Attitude” in the whole case.

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