Note With Clarification: the purpose of this article is not to strike communal hatred or paint communities in bad shape, it is only to highlight and bring out the media like BBC bias agenda against Hindus and behind whatever you read/see. 

It is obvious that BBC is displaying information in an obtuse light and is the misrepresentation of the issue. It’s high time our Government start taking action on such media houses. Government should decide where these anti-national media houses best interests continue lying.

The title – India’s Muslims fear for their future under Narendra Modi held our attention

It is obvious, this is not the first time BBC reporting such hate crimes against Muslims by Hindus, whenever they get the chance, they get selective and do it. In most of the cases the incidents are over- reported while Muslim crimes on Hindus go unreported with the same world’s leading public service broadcaster, who boasts themselves to be impartial and independent in their about us.

This is a dangerous and unjust trend that needs an immediate attention. Not only BBC, it’s the same agenda carried by majority of the news channels in India which are owned by vested parties working against Hindus.

That is why we can see that the obvious reason would be MINORITY APPEASEMENT. See for example in West Bengal where Hindus are now not easily allowed to celebrate Hindu festivals. Mamata Banerjee wanted to assuage/appease the Muslim minority as they all vote en bloc for the elections. And the media houses played along with her wily strategy.

Look at the Title how Hindustan Times report crime for two communities


Eid- e- Milad Triggers Rioting Against Hindus in Dhulagarh, West Bengal” read the news of a not-so-famous web media channel. This news item hasn’t be shared despite catching attention of most of the major media houses across the country. This made me question as to “Why did such a huge communal riot event go unreported on a wide scale?”

Researching deeper, I found that the cause for this is the logical outcome and is troublesome. It is the prejudice exhibited by the Indian media because majority of the media houses are owned by congress and their relatives

Here is the list Know who owns Indian Media?

and here is the good article why and who owns Indian Media?

What exactly happened in Dhulagarh?

Dhulagarh, a small industrial hub in Howrah district, was a scene of chaotic mayhem on 13 and 14 December 2016. A group of Muslims was carrying out a celebratory procession, playing loud DJ music. When the locals who were carrying out a pooja for Margashirsha Poornima, requested to lower the music, a large Muslim gang soon gathered and started attacking besides looting shops and housessetting them on fire and sparking a religious riot. Dozens of Hindu homes were burnt and destroyed on that day.

Youngster attacked by celebrating mob – look at his hand for deep cut

Our pillars of constitution – democracy are the legislature, the executive, the judiciary and the press. Take one of them away and the structure is bound to tilt. Media especially plays a crucial role in this. It acts as a watchdog to protect the public interest against malpractice and creates public awareness.

Here is the media attitude picture, while reporting

The kind of attitude showed towards Hindus by media

Recently, the horrific killing of a Hindu temple pujari by an imam of local Mosque, took lightly by same media houses and goes unreported.

Whether in Telangana or the horrifying killing of a dentist in Vikaspuri, Delhi or the killing of person in Tamilnadu who fought against conversions by missionaries led to a social media campaign that mainstream media was failing to cover the incident with the same energy as the lynching of Mohammad Akhlaq in Dadri only because the Vikaspuri victim and Warangal, Tamilnadu victims were Hindu.

Pujari Satyanarayana who succumbed to injuries (L) Sayeed Sadhiq Hussain, the assailant (R)

It is a matter of shame for all of us Indians to allow such biased news being circulate in the garb of constitutional rights as our constitution gives all the citizens of India the right to equality, freedom of speech and also not to forget we are the world’s largest democracy but today the rights of citizens, our beliefs and thinking is being controlled by biased media houses and selfish journalists who are bounded or set in a boundary by their bosses and I am beginning to think that few agenda oriented media houses as the biggest threat to our sovereignty.

Media houses especially BBC should be open for reforms and criticism is often perfectly justified. It cannot be immune to criticism, critics and intolerance when it advocates the other way. However bashing and discrediting the entire Hindus by Indian press may please for some time, but will end up destroying a precious institution for the future.

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