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99MAG MEDIA AND BROADCASTING PVT LTD  OUR VISION & MISSION Our vision and mission is clear and straight. We observed that the role of the media,...
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Do you thrive in a fast pace atmosphere and are motivated to win? Looking to join a small, but fast growing company in a flexible and virtual work environment?
Regal Raptor Bikevideo

Fully Equipped Automated Regal Raptor Motorcycles For The Hyderabad Police

Regal Raptor, is a US based company with the Chinese group of owners, They have launched their bikes earlier in 2015, in India

This HyperLoop Tube Pod Can Travel Delhi To Mumbai In 70 Mins

It will have 24 luxury or 50 business class or 80-90 economy class seats. Pods travelling at an interval of 10 seconds can propel 20,000 passengers in each direction per hour. Each pod can transport nearly 70 tonnes of cargo.

Will India Consider Apple’s Demands For Manufacturing Unit In Bengaluru?

Top Headlines Today 19 Jan 2017A local court in South Korea has dismissed,  an arrest warrant for Samsung Electronics Vice Chairman, Lee Jae-yong, who...

Artificial Intelligence May Change World From Supervised To Non Supervised State

Artificial Intelligence may change the world from supervised state to non supervised state. Innovations would replace some jobs, and existing employees would need...

1.5 Crore Worth Lizard Seized From Smugglers

Top 3 Headlines Jan 16 2017 Indias Richest Man Mukesh Ambani To Invest More Rs 300 Billion Into Jio Project. He wants to improve...

Yana The Cat Has 16k Followers On Instagram

Top 3 Headlines Today Reserve Bank Approves PayTm Flights Cancelled In Delhi Due To Dense Fog YANA The Two Mouthed Cat
AasPass ki Khoj

Proj AasPass Ki Khoj launched in MP Schools

In a remarkable move and to acquaint it students in government schools about the local culture, traditions and rituals and to enlighten the students...

The Importance Of Resume For Job Seekers

If you are unemployed and preparing for an interview, never underestimate the importance of a resume. It's in your own hands to present yourself...