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Corona Virus Vaccine – Here Is Why It’s Taking So Long

The WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION had announced that it may take 18 months for a Corona Virus Vaccine for public to use. Let's...
oppo factory at Noida

Six Positive For Covid-19 At OPPO Handsets

Six employees at Greater Noida factory of OPPO tested positive for Covid-19, the Chinese manufacturer of OPPO handsets, have suspended its operations.
benefits of eating garlic

Benefits of eating garlic

There are many benefits of eating garlic. Regular intake of garlic in your food may cure tumors, ulcers, wounds, heart diseases, cancer,...
New Revised Policy For Covid-19 Patients

Revised Discharge Policy For Corona Patients

Read: Corona Virus Vaccine – Here Is Why It’s Taking So LongAccording to government's Revised Discharge Policy For...

Virtual reality the next frontier of diagnosis?

New research that planned to feature the capability of new advances to analyze sickness has proposed that augmented experience may assume a pivotal job...
quit drinking

Why You Should Quit Alcohol?

Alcohol is a social evil. Alcohol do more harm than good to society. A sip of glass taken as fun or under...

3D Printed Tissues To Help Heal Bone

The performance of an athlete gets hampered when his injuries come in the way. Thus, the scientists have come up with a solution. They...
What Are Seasonal Pests and How to Get Rid of Them

How To Get Rid Of Seasonal Pests

Ina tropical country like the Philippines, pests such as rodents and insects will always be a problem in almost anywhere you go....
4 Skin Care Myths that People Have to Stop Doing

4 Skin care myths that must be avoided

People are paying attention to skincare now more than ever as evidenced by many people buying loads of skincare products or having frequent visits...

4 Reasons Why I’snt Your Cough Going Away

A chronic cough or a cough that has kept lingering on despite taking the proper cough and cold medicine for it can be an...