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Why Do Skunk Smell Bad?

Skunk is the only friendly animal in the world which is most unloved by people around the world. Yes, it's a friendly animal and...
Poodle Dog Pic

Poodle Dog Characteristics And History

History of Poodle Dog The Poodle Dog is supposed to have originated in Germany, where it is known as the pudelhund, but poodle dog has...
Havanese Dog

Havenese Dog Characteristics

Hi you all broogas (dog lovers). We are here again with a good research about Havanese dog. Let us have a read…The Havanese dog has...
pommeranian puppy

Pomeranian Dog Characteristics

The Pomeranian is a member of the Spitz family and stands 15 to 18 i.e., 5 to 7 inches at withers. It weighs 1.8 to 2.5 kgs.

List Of Popular Dog Breeds

For those, who also love dogs, here are the most popular and widely spread Dog Breeds list. We will describe history of each one and discuss their characteristics, about their space and exercise and the attention required. So, stay tuned, and stay informed.
longhaired dachshund puppy pic

Dachshund Characteristics And Quality

Know About Dachshund Dog Characteristics, History And Temperament if you are planning to adopt this dog.History of Dachshund dog, a scent houndDrawings of sixteenth...