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wearing mask shopping

Shopping Won’t Be Easy Anymore

Shopping Surfaces Can Harbour Germs For Days. Hygiene Will be Crucial For Shops To Remain Open Without Putting Shoppers' Lives At...
devendra fadnavis serving food

Devendra Fadnavis Feeding 2,000 People Everyday

Devendra Fadnavis, Ex-CM of Maharastra, is doing a remarkable job. He has started a community kitchen at Takiya Gymkhana, in the South-West...
national samosa week

Leicester To Host National Samosa Week

United Kingdom -  The love for samosa seems to have crossed the seas to become as significant as burger in Britain.  The national samosa week...
one million dollar lottery

Gas Station Staff Return $1Million Lottery

A lucky man in Lincoln County, Kansas, USA won $1 million ( about 6.5 crores In India Rupees) in lottery after staff of fuel...

Vladimir Putin Elected 4th Term

Russia electing Vladimir Putin as President for 4th Consecutive term - shows how dynamic and popular he is among Russians. With over 76% of the...

Oracle Setting Up Data Center In India

It is likely to set up the operations center here over the next 6-9 months.

Philippine President Duterte To Restore Death Penalty

Philippine’s unassailable leader, the newly elected President Mr Rodrigo Duterte said he will seek to return the death penalty and if necessary he would...

Olympics 2020 Match Fix, French Police To Probe $2m Fraud

We saw corruption in cricket. Now in athletics it grew to include the bidding and voting processes for the hosting of the 2016 and...

The King With Countless Violations

Map of Swaziland  The king Mswati III of Swaziland and his deputy have constantly violated the universally recognized human rights of women and girls, including...