CBSC Question Leak Hits 1.6M Students

    Big Issue over CBSC Question Leak Scam. The scam Hits 1.6 Million Students

    Anguished parents and frustrated students protests against the latest national school exam leak. Education Minister Prakash  Javadekar has ordered an inquiry, forcing 1.6 million students to desist their tests.

    Earlier, cheating in exams was common by offering bribes to buy exam papers. Notably, photographs of students and parents in Bihar – climbing school walls to pass on answers during exams went viral on social media in 2015.

    Indian Parents Climbing School Wall In Bihar
    Indian Parents Climbing School Wall In Bihar To Help Their Kins In Exams

    Post digital revolution with enhanced digital security people thought it’s impossible to cheat, but criminals are using technology itself as methods to operate.

    Last year, officials in Bihar have banned students wearing shoes or socks during exams. They also imposed penalties including jail term to curb cheating in school exams.

    The latest question leak scam of high-school question papers is of Central Board of Secondary Education which is considered as imperative for students aspiring admissions in India’s distinguished public universities.

    By now at least 35 suspects have been investigated by police over the leaks in mathematics and economics question papers which were shared via WhatsApp before the exam on 26 March.

    Officials say the new exam dates will be announced soon.

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