The News Of Container Of Children Found By Tamil Nadu Police And The Mad rush of sharing news on Social Media – is it true or this is just a FAKE NEWS? lets read and find out.

Facebook, whatsapp, twitter and other social media platforms do harm more than good. Even the most educated miss the boat. There is just madrush to share news as it comes to your whatsapp and the small text “forwarded as received” is written. A similar whatsapp message I have received this morning – Container Of Children Found By Tamil Nadu Police.

Suddenly I got this whatsapp message from a friend. It was bone-chilling to know that TamilNadu Police found a container of dead children. I was almost paralyzed. By the time I can think something, two more friends sent me the same message. It was obvious, it was spreading like wildfire. Then I thought why it is not in the News Headlines with the leading news channels?. Before I share it to someone, I need to be assured of its authenticity.  The audio in the message also states that the kids were kidnapped from different parts of the country and their bodies were shallow because the body parts such as kidneys, eyes, etc were harvested. And the mad rush of sharing begins, without investigating or questioning the authenticity of the news.

The audio also leaves you in compulsive state by saying,If you do not share the message with your friends you are not the true son of your mother”. 

So, what is this all about? Is there any serious don kinda criminal in our country who is kidnapping children and harvesting their parts?  or this is just a FAKE NEWS?

Instead of relying on the pictures I thought to investigate myself, as I do not want to share or forward it unless I am certain of the subject. And here it is what I found

The picture is actually from Syria and not Tamilnadu. These children were killed during the Ghouta Chemical Attack, that resulted in a tragic human life loss of 1,400 innocent civilians. More than 400 children were gassed to death during the early morning while they were asleep.  This picture was published by Human Rights along with a detailed report on two alleged chemical weapons that was used in attacks on the morning of August 21, 2013 in Syria, on the opposition-controlled Damascus suburbs of Eastern and Western Ghouta.

It is said that the chemical attack was so silent and dangerous that there was no visible signs of injury. The children appeared sleeping but all around was mayhem.

dead children in syriaIt is reported that unknown fluid was coming out of their mouths and eyes. There were dark blue colour marks on their skin; the foam and vomit around their mouths were the signs of asphyxiation.

dead children in syriaNo doubt, this was the worst and ghastly attack on children, the history might have ever seen, but its not in Tamil nadu. So ultimately I sniffed a sigh of relief as it is not happening in India, but it was a sad thing happened long ago.

Here are the more pictures from the scene on that day
dead children in syriaBe Curious To Ask Questions Before Sharing or Forwarding The Message

If the death toll is in volume, it would have definately made an international news. If it can reach you, it can reach even faster to the highly sophisticated High Network Individuals  (HNI’s) in media houses and journalist, especially if someone is killed in a bizarre manner as this. What do you think Aaj Tak, CNN, BBC, RT, Al Jazeera’s Job? In this case however, as there is no mention of any kind in any channel, news media in India. The news is fake.

Doubt every message or news bit coming from social media like Facebook, and messaging apps like WhatsApp. Please Investigate, don’t just be a part of madrush sharing. I am not saying the Photo is fake. These dead children are real, they are all dead. They Are Syrian Children Gassed By Bashar al-Assad. They died on the morning of August 21, 2013. But, this is not from Tamil Nadu as mentioned in the message.

I would like to give you more information on what happened on that unfortunate day. Syrian Armed forces under Bashar al-Assad shot 330 mm rockets with chemical warheads containing a nerve agent called as SARIN (Sarin is a colorless, odorless liquid, used as a chemical weapon due to its extreme potency as a nerve agent. It is considered a weapon of mass destruction) at the rebel-controlled suburbs of Eastern and Western Ghouta.

Missile loaded with SARIN WARHEADS

See each child’s forehead has a tape with a number pencilled on it. During the wars, they have to be numbered because it was impossible to identify them in the post-attack chaos. Their parents too, probably died in the same attack.

syrian children killed in ghoutaThis would allow their photos to be taken as per the numbers for later identification by other relatives.

So next time you see such news, please investigate, or ask us so that we can investigate it for you. Please leave comments below

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