Know About Dachshund Dog Characteristics, History And Temperament if you are planning to adopt this dog.

History of Dachshund dog, a scent hound

Drawings of sixteenth century show similar dogs. It is Germany that a standard for the breed was set up in 1888. The Dachshund is a scent hound and was used against hunting hare, foxes and to trail wounded deer. His build and disposition qualify dachshund especially for hunting game below ground.

“Due to their long width they are also referred to as wiener dogs or hot dogs. Dachshunds were originally bred in Germany to hunt badgers in their burrows. The name Dachshund actually means badger dog in German”.

Characteristics And Description of Dachshund dogs
There are 3 varieties of Dachshund, the smooth-haired, the long-haired and the wire-haired and these 3 varieties are bred in 2 separate groups, the large and miniature. The large or standard, stands 25 cm, (9, 1/2 ins) at withers and miniature 13 cms (5 incs) All Dachshunds have a long body, very short legs and long sharp head.

Temperament of dachshund dog
They are very good house dogs and respond well to training. They make an affectionate pets. Barking is the most common issue with Dachshunds. This behavior is hard to train out of them.

Dachshund is the digger
All dogs love to dig but Dachshunds are born diggers. They love to dig more than others

Space & Exercise
The Dachshunds need to be given vigorous walks daily. They can live comfortably in a small house or flat.

Attention Required
The smooth variety dogs does not need much attention but twice a brush a week should be sufficient. But long haired and the wire haired ones need much attention and regular grooming.

dachshund puppies pictures


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