Digital Marketing Guru?


There are tens of digital marketing experts these days talking about monetization from the blog and telling you about proven ways to make money online. I am clueless about the quality, if the information being provided is really useful to layman. You might think its useful and helpful because you may not know what exactly digital marketing is and if the adviser is right. Whatever information they provide, you are bound to believe it as enough.

Blogging From Laptop
Blogging From Laptop

Why Gurus fundamentals are failing? Their tips and tricks are not helping. Why there are people still struggling to implement full-fledged online business model?. Hundreds of Indians start their blog as hobby to start as a business, only to fail. There are tens of gurus applying their own business fundamentals to make money out of you only sharing information.

I am starting a series of articles for layman to claiming experts in digital marketing to help them to know what and how exactly digital marketing works. A step by step, spoon feeding break up to make you understand the concept of blogging and turn you into a full time blogger, making real money online.

Well first in place; get a new folder, notepad or ms-word ready especially for this useful data. I call it data rather than information because you can put this data into action, later.

Before I turn you into a real digital marketing expert, I would like you to mug-up at least, if not by heart the Bloggers Glossary.

When you upgrade yourself with glossary, read this – How to Become a Blogger?

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