Nervous on how to ace your next exam? Don’t be, you can do it!

The standards of education can be high especially in international colleges in the Philippines which offer quality learning experiences for its students.

In the Philippines, international colleges, private and public institutions prepare their students to compete in a global workforce. In order to do this, they will test your knowledge capabilities and this translates to a dreaded period of studying, memorizing and sometimes even cramming!

Want to get rid of the nervousness on exam days? Here are some of the best tips for every student to consider when it comes to preparing for exams:

Organize your Desk

Some people need a tidy desk to study while there are those who don’t mind the clutter. Still, you should reserve your space for your books and notes so you wouldn’t be distracted and also, make sure that you are in a well-lighted place.

Also, when it comes to this, it’s best to put your phone away for a while since it can be the number one distraction for you. One minute you’re studying and the next thing you know you’re studying your crush’s profile picture–so better safe than sorry.

Use Old Exams as your Reference

This will help you refresh your mind on what the lesson is all about. In fact, it can also be a mini test for you to do as you can challenge yourself by covering the answers and see if you can answer the questions.

This is a great practice for any upcoming exam in your curriculum.

Study with Friends

Studying in groups can be fun as well as productive. With this method, you learn from your friends as they learn from you. Trading the lessons you know will make it easier to remember the information since you will associate it with a person.

Read the Lessons Aloud

You will find it easier to remember when you hear it since the brain retains information instantly this way. It might sound crazy but it is a study technique that works!

You can even try recording it then listen to it on repeat and you will have those notes memorized without even breaking a sweat—that is, if you don’t mind listening to the sound of your voice on a voice recorder.

Take a Break

Don’t pressure yourself as you are more likely to be distracted from studying this way. In fact, when it comes to studying in general, don’t hesitate to reward yourself with a snack or drink plenty of water. Either way, it’s okay to step away from your desk for a while. Doing this will pull you away from all the information overload which can lead to a mental block when you’re taking the exam.

Get Enough Sleep Before Exam Day

Avoid doing all-nighters all the time. It is not healthy and you tend to be burnt out come exam day. Plan your study schedule so you don’t compromise your time for rest.

Don’t Panic

Yes, you are nervous on what the results will be but stay calm. If you pass then celebrate; but if you don’t, take it as a lesson. Crumbling under pressure will do more harm than good because it will just give you more reasons to overthink.

Key Takeaway

Exam preparation can be as tough as the exams itself so remember to just have fun with it. There’s no use stressing yourself too much because what matters is that you learn and that experience cannot be graded or marked.

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