fascinating facts

TRUTH IS STRANGE THAN FICTION is a famous quote which is often repeated cliche, but sometimes even a cliche can turn out to be true. As has happened in the case of this compilation of ”Fascinating Facts”.

Here you will come across such facts that will astound you, amuse you, leave you shaking your head in utter disbelief, or rolling off your chair with laughter. Here, there are facts from practically every horizon of life from science, to History, to Literature. Go through it and don’t be surprised if you find surprises in every single paragraph.

(1) Rats can survive without water longer than camels.

(2) The sailfish can swim faster than a horse can gallop.

(3) The smallest known fish is the pandaka pygmea, about the size of an ant and almost transparent

(4) Men Traveling through dense tropical forests often collect fireflies in jars and use them as lanterns, while women in Cuba and other tropical countries pin live fireflies on their gowns or hang them around their necks on chains as decorations.

(5) The most widely cultivated fruit in the world is apple. The second is the pear.

(6) In the 1920’s and 1930’s, Charlie Chaplin was probably the most celebrated man in the world. On a visit to his native London, the motion picture comedian received 73,000 letters in just two days.

(7) The elephant is the only animal that has been taught to stand its head.

(8) The rarest disease in the world, called KURU, or laughing sickness, affects only the cannibals of New Guinea and is believed to be caused by eating human brains.

(9) The hottest place in the world is Dallol, Ehiopia, which has hardly any seasonal relief from high temperature.

Mean daily maximum temperature is 100 degree Fahrenheit or 37.8 degree centigrade
Mean daily minimum temperature is between 75 degree Fahrenheit and 89 degree Fahrenheit or 24.4 degree centigrade and 31.7 degree centigrade.

(10) There is a butterfly found in Brazil that has the smell and colour of chocolate.

(11) Plasma is a gas free of whole molecules and atoms and containing only ions and electrons.

(12) A dwarf, eighteen inches high, served as a captain of cavalry in the British Army. He was Jeffery Hudson and lived from 1619 to 1692.

(13) We blink our eyes once every six seconds i.e. in the course of a lifetime we blink about 250 million times.

(14) Neutron Bomb is a nuclear weapon, which kills people by radiation, even inside armoured vehicles, but leaves behind buildings, etc., intact.

(15) Girls tend to sleep more soundly than boys.

(16) If a rope were made out of strands of long hair, it would be strong enough to lift an automobile.

(17) Your brain will stop growing in size when you are about 15 years old.

(18) No one knows why, but more men than women are color blind about 8 out of every 200 men, as compared to 1 out of every 200 women.

(19) The human heart pumps 1.5 million gallons of blood a year.

(20) An average person drinks about 16,000 gallons of water during his lifetime.

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