Google is removing ad balance from AdSense accounts on May 20, 2020. The ad balance experiment option, including all completed ad balance experiments, will also be removed. Websites currently using ad balance or running ad balance experiments, will get email from Google with additional information, on what to do next, rest don’t need to take any action.

It is to be noted that under this feature willing publishers were able to optimize the ad balance ratio on their websites, focusing on best performing ads improving the user experience, while still maintaining and growing the revenue. Though the task is a tough balance to strike, yet ad balance controls helped to reduce the number of ads and decided exactly the number of ads you want to show to users, specifically the ads that earn you the least revenue, and observe how it affects the over all earnings.

Analytics revealed that major part of revenue comes from a relatively small portion of ad impressions. Taking this factor into account, by only showing the ads that make you the most money, you can improve the overall visitor experience on your website for a minimal drop in your earnings.

Google has to take this step after feedback from publishers. Going forward, we’ll focus on developing our suite of blocking controls instead, read on Google’s help page on May 6th.

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