Grab Any Color With This ColorPicker

    If you love a color but do not know its hex value, you can still grab that color in a second with this useful color pick software.

    This is extremely useful for web designers who like to play around with different colors. I have tried many tools and found it impossible to use on a high resolution monitor. But, this Colorpicker is probably the best color pick tool I have ever come across.

    After you install this amazing software on your computer, you are ready to pick any impossible color by grabbing it using CTRL+G on your keyboard. You may want to grab palettes for future use. For this you can use 16 color palettes at once and use 4 advanced color mixers to select your desired tinge.

    Salient Features of Color Picker software.

    color picker software
    color picker software

    Pick any color from the screen by using mouse. To grab the exact color use CTRL+G on your keyboard.Version 4 is now available, with the following features:

    1. Absolutely 100% Free!
    2. Color Picker has an inbuilt magnifier and allows you to save full palettes of colors.
    3. Totally clean and free from spyware. Additionally it does not encourage popup adverts.
    4. Colors are shown in hex and decimal for better performance.
    5. Adjustable Hue, Saturation, Value, Red, Green and Blue values.
    6. Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black percentages are clearly shown.
    7. Can be used easily with any other program.
    8. Resizable magnification spot area and overlay a grid for quick colorpicker alignment
    9. Use arrow keys to nudge mouse pointer
    10. Multiple palettes can be saved automatically.
    11. WebSafe Colors.
    12. Names are displayed.
    13. Snap to nearest spectrum possibility of WebSafe color.
    14. Point sample, 3×3 or 5×5 pixel color sampling.
    15. Adjustable with 4 advanced color mixer.
    16. Editable colorpicker values after selection.
    17. Collapsible sections.
    18. ColorPic runs on all Windows systems: 95/98/NT/2000/Me/XP, it’s only 501K
    19. Works fine with Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Photoshop and any other known application.

    Above all the greatness of this color picker is it comes totally Free. Thanks a lot to its inventor. However, once you like color picker you may want to build the strong foundation of ColorPic by contributing its inventor its worth. Iconico the free giver of this amazing color pick software are now happy to offer ColorPro the professional’s choice in color palette manipulation. ColorPro is packed with features that allow you to create color schemes for websites easily while you work. You can also extract colors from images and export to your favorite graphics applications.

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