Honda Jazz Owner Fined 1.82 Lakh


Overspeed case – Traffic police in Hyderabad are looking out for offender who owns Honda Jazz and has numerous challans pending against him. The car has been found exceeding the allowed speed limits at least 127 times in a year, on the city’s Outer Ring Road from April 4th of 2017 to March 10th, 2018.

SpeedCheck Camera
SpeedCheck Camera

Reportedly the ORR is considered as the accident-prone highway. The traffic regulations has set the speed limit of 120 kmph on the eight-lane, which was later reduced to 100 kmph post deadly speed related accidents.

The penalty for over-speed driving is Rs 1,435 and Honda Jazz owner’s total penalty amount stands at Rs 1.83 lakh, at present.

“Despite alerting via text messages, the offender is not responding, officials are suspecting that he might not be using the registered phone number recorded at the time of vehicle registration.

Traffic cops will send his vehicle number to tollgates, with vehicle detention orders.

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