There is no denying that many stereotypes and assumptions are made about people working in a Philippine Call Center. These myths, especially the negative ones, are completely false yet still have an impact on how people view call centers and the BPO industry as a whole. For instance, call center myths and assumptions discourage people from entering the BPO industry despite the many opportunities that it actually has to offer. Here are some of the common call center myths and why these are false.

1. MYTH: Nobody uses the phone anymore for customer service

It is true that many people nowadays would rather communicate online than over the phone. But at the same time, this does not necessarily mean that phones are now completely useless. The myth that voice calls are now useless in customer service implies that the work of call center agents is completely useless as well. Another related myth is that robots will replace call center agents entirely in the future. But contrary to popular belief, voice calls and human interaction are still vital to customer service. There is no denying that the more complex the inquiry of a customer, the higher the need for telephone conversations with a customer service representative. Online messaging and even robots are convenient for simple inquiries, but this is not capable of completely replacing human customer relations and interactions. Thus, the work done by a Philippine Call Center is actually very relevant and needed in the field of customer service.

2. MYTH: The work is mindless and dull

Another problematic and false call center myth is that the work of call center agents is mindless, dull, and boring. This assumption is another reason why many are discouraged from pursuing a career in the BPO industry. While the work is difficult and at times mundane, this assumption is otherwise completely untrue. In reality, call center agents often need to multitask and their work requires them to build relationships with customers. Moreover, it takes an incredible amount of patience to deal with angry and irrational customers that call centers undoubtedly deal everyday. The efforts of customer service representatives are one of the main reasons why customers stay loyal and happy, making the work of these representatives essential for the growth of any business.

3. MYTH: Working in call centers is only for the young and unskilled

Another stereotype that many have come to believe is that only young, unskilled, and inexperienced people work in call centers. As a result, many have come to look down on the BPO industry and think of call center agents as uneducated and untalented. While it is true that most call center employees are in their 20s, call centers are also known for having employees from all walks of life, ranging from ages 18 to 60. Additionally, one must have all the skills needed to build customer relations in order to work as a call center agent.

4. MYTH: The pay of call center agents is low

Many have come to the assumption that call center agents receive below average pay and that there little opportunities for their salary to grow. This myth is easily debunked by the fact that call center agents receive some of the highest starting salaries. Additionally, call center agencies do, in fact, provide many opportunities for promotions. The management of these agencies often use promotions and salary increase as their main incentive for employees to stay in the company. Another way call center agents earn is by striving to get their deliverables done, a goal that they have in common with many other jobs.

5. MYTH: Working as a call center agent is a dead-end job

The assumption that there is no growth when working in the BPO industry is another myth that is completely false. This belief often stems from the fact that call center agencies are known for having a high turnover rate. It is true that one of the problems faced by call center agents is high staff turnover. However, this is not solely because of the lack of growth opportunities. The reality is that call center agencies provide all sorts of promotions to incentivize their workers to work hard and continue working for them. For instance, it is more than possible for customer service representatives to be promoted into managerial positions. One should not fall for the false assumption that there are no careers to be had in the BPO industry, and instead, be open to the many benefits that life as a call center agent has to offer.

Key Takeaway

It is important to debunk all negative myths and stereotypes placed on call centers to prevent people from looking down on the industry. Call center agents need to be given credit for the valuable work they do in the field of customer service.

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