How To Become A Blogger?

Well, I will reveal it to you that in a minute. But, first let me ask you a question. How to become a swimmer? I think you are getting the point. To swim, you need to get into the water and practice swimming.

Blogging is no different. To become a blogger you need to get into blogging. There are various definitions to blogging. But, I call it simply “Writing Information” and then come the sharing part, marketing.

In this small reading, Instead of telling you how to become a blogger with hell lot of points, I will break the confusion and come straight to the point.

A blogger must first have a good resource

What is blogger resource?
Tangible Resources
A Computer or Laptop
A Speedy Internet Connection
A .com or any .tld website
Knowledge of Cpanel and WordPress

Intangible Resources
Determination to write original articles everyday – at least 2 posts to start with

Immediate Skills Required
Typing Skills

Skills Need To Be Upgraded
Finding Perfect Image for your posts
Writing Skills – For Title, Description and Keywords for On Page Optimization of each post or page

These are the first requisites to become a blogger.

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