The youth are living in a world that relies heavily on technology. From local organizations to international schools in the Philippines, technology is an essential player of everyone’s loves. The younger generations will be heavily dependent on electronic devices and systems for their future. For most parents, it may be a challenge to keep yourselves updated with these systems growing up in a mechanical/analogue age. This may create a gap in your bonds with your children. Here are a few tips to maintain a strong bond with your children.

Start with a Plan

Coordinate with your family on when you should use media devices. Everyone should agree with a certain time during the day. Everyone should strictly follow the agreed upon schedule. Make use of this time to bond with your kids, get to know them, and introduce them to the wholesome use of technology. This can prevent your kids from neglecting important tasks such as homework and chores.

Set Limits

Like all other activities, limits should be enforced. But don’t deny your kids from using technology at all. Set reasonable limits for their media usage. Before handing them any device, make all the necessary privacy preference changes. Teach your kids about online privacy and educate them on their online limits and online etiquette. This will ensure the online safety not only of your children but also your family.

Use Apps Together

Spending time quality time with your kids is priceless. The advancement of technology can allow you to bond and share fun activities with your children. With that said, try to download applications you can use with your kids. This is a good opportunity to teach them about team-work, patience, perseverance, and coordination. Playing games together can also help your child to cope with losing. Applications can be a good medium for education. Making use of educational applications for children can be a helpful tool to supplement their learning.

Designate a Media Area

Assign areas where they can they use family devices. If you have a computer, designate it in a public area in your home so you can monitor their activities. If they have any personal devices, restrict their use in their own bedrooms. This way, your kids won’t have the urge to overuse their devices which may lead to them ignore their homework or sleep late. Be involved with their digital activities; ask them about what they’re doing and maintain peaceful conversations with them when using devices together.

Encourage Time Off Their Screens

Discourage the use of electronic devices during meal times and family gatherings. It’s easy for kids to get distracted by televisions, computers, and smart devices, if they get too caught up with these, they might develop a certain obsession with them. Encourage outdoor activities, social events, and spending time away from electronics. Take them out to parks, recreational areas, or find a sport to play together. Teach them the value of spending time away from devices to introduce balance in their lives.

Be a Good Role Model

Keep in mind that your child will observe and likely imitate how you are with your own smart devices. Children’s minds are like a sponge; they quickly absorb whatever they learn. The use of the internet around your children should be done under strict supervision. Show them that the internet and their devices are not only for fun but tools for learning too. When you spend time using devices together, don’t just stare at your own screens. Interact with them and start conversations about what you’re doing. Always be aware of their online activity.

Key Takeaway

With the vast development and advancement of technology, electronic devices are becoming more vital in our daily lives. While we can’t always keep our kids from away from them, we can teach them to use technology responsibly. As parents, we too continue to learn about the ever-changing digital world. Let’s make the most out of this experience with our kids to create stronger bonds with our children.

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