How To Get Rid Of Seasonal Pests


Ina tropical country like the Philippines, pests such as rodents and insects will always be a problem in almost anywhere you go. The Philippines alternate between two seasons only, The rainy season, and the dry season. Both of which are pretty self-explanatory to describe. Either season is known for certainpests that swarm gardens and homes during it. Most of the time, these infestations are small and relatively manageable. But when things get over the top, the best solution is to call for pestcontrol.

In the Philippines, there aren’t many seasonal pests that appear only during specific months. It is the frequency of when these pests appear that is affected. To help you understand, here are some of the seasonal pests in the Philippines and how to get rid of them.


The dreaded mosquitos are almost omnipotent in the Philippines. these annoying pests prefer to be active all year round, however they peak in the summertime. During the summer, the mosquitos move through their life cycle faster. The summer heat makes it a perfect time for mosquitos to lay eggs.

During the rainy season, in particular, the atmosphere after the rain has stopped, it is the ideal environment for mosquitos to breed. But other than that, mosquitos aren’t as rampant then as they are during the summer.

The best ways to get rid of mosquitoes, or at the very least, prevent them, is by making sure that they won’t have any form of breeding grounds near where you live. Remove any stagnant water that is lingering in the vicinity of your house because these are the most likely places where mosquitoes lay their eggs. Another option is to use mosquito repellants and find ways to insect-proof your house.

Ants and Termites

These pests are commonly mistaken as one or the other. Some of their species look very much the same. Their main difference is how they annoy our daily lives.

Termites are considered one of the primary damagers of anything wooden because most species eat cellulose, which is primarily found in wooden objects. Termites are more active during the rainy season because things made out of wood become damp and easier to chew through.

Unlike termites that primarily look for wood, ants forage for food around their colony. The hotter it is, the farther they can go, which eventually leads them into your households. They are most active during the summer, however, during the rainy season, colonies are forced to search for higher ground, possibly resulting in them going into buildings as well.

When getting rid of ants and termites, there are many options, including chemical solutions, professional treatment, and natural aspects. The easiest option for people who want to handle these infestations themselves is by looking for the source of their colony, and ultimately drowning them in boiling water.

Key Takeaway

No household is safe from a pest infestation. Home remedies and commercial pesticides may do the trick for some of the smaller scale pest invasions, but for the more large-scale and dangerous infestations, it would be best for you to look for pest control services.

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