To run a website you need a domain. Domain is World Wide Web dot tld – learn what is tld? in websites

Domains are registered with hosting companies. All the tlds are registered under designated agencies under the direction of ICANN. There are various hosting companies like bluehost, Godaddy, Hostgator to name few. 99mag.com is hosted with fozzy.com

Call up a hosting company and ask for a domain and hosting account. You can also do it online.

Choose a domain as per your requirement and purpose. Select a domain such as .com or .info. or .org depending upon your purpose.

Hosting – Web hosting is the web space we need to buy from hosting company in order to publish our website. There are different types of hosting eg; shared hosting, CMS hosting, re-seller hosting, vps and dedicated servers. Read about Types Of Hosting

Most beginners starting out will need a shared hosting service. It is also the economic hosting option.

There are two major server based hosting every hosting company provides Linux and Windows hosting – Always opt for Linux hosting if you intent to run a WordPress based website. I faced difficulty in past migrating WordPress site from windows to linux. WordPress is supportive and very easy to install in linux based hosting via Cpanel (Control Panel)

How to set up a Domain and hosting account?
Choose a domain and a hosting account – go for CMS hosting which is usually Enterprise hosting, where in you get different CMS to install. CMS means Content Management System in short. A CMS of your choice will be already installed in your account and ready to use. You will get full access to a cPanel account as well.
CMS examples – WordPress, Joomla, Drupal etc

Here is a small video for your understanding

Domain Registration
Usually it will cost you not more than Rs 699 including GST
Go for CMS Hosting (Enterprise Hosting) – It will cost you not more than Rs 1500 Including GST

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Fozzy Hosting
Points to note
It is advised to register both domain and hosting account with the same hosting company.
Once you register both. You are advised to ask your Cpanel username and pwd details

I am surprised that most of my friends do not know that they are entitled to receive their domain and Cpanel username and password details from hosting company. If you don’t get the details as soon as you register it, email and ask for it. You have paid them for it.

Once you get your Cpanel login details login to your account and install WordPress.

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