How To Start A WordPress Site?


Before creating your own WordPress site, you must understand the difference between a Domain and a Sub-domain.

Domain – is Mother Domain
Sub-Domain – extension or prefix of Mother Domain (Child Domain)
ex: – Mother Domain – Sub-Domain

There are two types of WordPress sites

  • Sites on
  • Self hosted wordpress site

Examples – hosted with – self hosted (I am hosting with

In the above examples, site hosted on can be called as sub-domain and not main domain. Main domain is With this you can easily find whether the domain is self hosted or sub-domain.

Website offered by many web-giants for Free is actually sub-domain and not your own website.

Please see the video – What Is A Sub-Domain? How To Create In One Minute

We are talking about creating your own WordPress website for blogging and not sub-domain. Before creating a WordPress site you need to set up your domain and hosting account.

Now Read This – How To Set Up Domain And Hosting Account – I remember when I read this line a decade back, I thought, It involves huge money. But, It is not expensive, it will hardly cost you Rs 2000 to set up your Full-fledged working WordPress website including design.

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