Huawei has entered into the smart glasses market in partnership with Gentle Monster, an upmarket Korean sunglasses and optical glasses brand. Before Huawei, a lot of techno giants from the likes of Google and Snapchat have forayed and failed to ignite users’ interest with the glasses, the company claims its product will be seen as a replacement of hands-free earbuds, a wearable device that lets you speak on a smartphone without necessarily putting anything on.

Keeping in view the privacy issues these smart glasses comes without a camera or holographic display.

This extremely fancy innovation comes with amazing perks. It lets you talk on a smartphone without essentially putting anything on. The glasses are such that when you tap on the frames you can answer the call. The device has no buttons on them. In addition to this the glasses come fitted with dual mics with beam forming technology, which reduces external noise when you make calls and also  dual speakers.

The charging would be supported by a casthat and takes advantage of NFC and USB Type-C port.

The device targets both male and female audience. However,the glasses will not be available before July 2019.


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