rotating fan

One of my friend went for an interview and he shared an interesting question asked by the interviewer. I thought it might come to you as well, so by reading this here you can be prepared for an answer. The ceiling fan in the interview room was running and the interviewer asks, “without looking up, can you tell whether the fan is running clockwise or anti-clockwise?”

Since he is not allowed to look up, he tried hard to recollect the first few seconds of events and the fan’s movement in his own house when he switches it on. However, it turned no use for him. As per the survey there is no one correct answer to this question.

The ideal answer would be that the fan is running clockwise or anti-clockwise depending on whether you look at it from below or from above. If it looks clockwise from below it will look anti-clockwise from above and vice versa.

Regarding the interview result, my friend has got to wait for the next week.

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