jio tower scam

Getting Reliance Jio Tower Installation on your building roof appears to be lucrative but in reality it is not as easy as it seems to be. Educated scammers appears to be fooling gullible as Jio agents and asking for details and initial processing fees via websites.

Few unauthorized or fake websites are as follows:

Jio although new in the telecom market, it has crossed 250 Million subscribers within 25 months from commencement of its services and thus it has to install its towers in rural and urban areas to improve its network frequency and signals for better performance. Thus, Jio offer higher prices for the installation compared to its allies. It is a lengthy process and often people are not willing to install the tower due to fear of high radiation and its potential causes that may lead to cancer.

Therefore, Jio is paying higher than competitors. Scammers are exploiting this fact. The catch of this scammers is to offer exorbitant rents for a low processing fee

Upon contacting Jio officials they said they routinely release no official comment on the scams to sensitize its users about these scams – via SMS communication, a cautionary notice on their website, and public notices in newspapers etc is being published. Further, Jio said that it flags any fake website and takes necessary action with concerned authorities and take legal action to block/take down the hoax site.

However, none of the sites 99MAG looked into had been taken down at the time of writing this news article.

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